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Williams Complex (163 - 171 College Ave)
 Williams Apartment 1
 Williams Apartment 10
 Williams Apartment 11
 Williams Apartment 12
 Williams Apartment 13
 Williams Apartment 14
 Williams Apartment 15
 Williams Apartment 16
 Williams Apartment 20
 Williams Apartment 21
 Williams Apartment 22
 Williams Apartment 23
 Williams Apartment 24
 Williams Apartment 25
 Williams Apartment 26
 Williams Apartment 27
 Williams Apartment 30
 Williams Apartment 31
 Williams Apartment 32
 Williams Apartment 33
 Williams Apartment 34
 Williams Apartment 35
 163 College Ave. Exterior
 165-167-169 College Ave. Exterior
 171 College Ave. Exterior
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