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There are no available apartments at this time.
(All apartments and surrounding grounds are smoke free)

(smoke free policy posted at:http://smokefree.vassar.edu/)

Interested parties should submit an on-line application during the posting period using the Online Rental Applications link located on the left side of this page. (If selecting multiple locations, you may choose a maximum of 5, please list them on one application in order of preference, (you will be offered the highest preference you are most senior for.)

Floor plans are available and may be viewed by using the Floor Plans link located on the left side of this page. 

In-person viewings must be scheduled by appointment only, should take place before the end of the posting period date listed in each ad and masks must be worn if required by the current resident when entering any unit.

All questions regarding housing and the program should be directed to the Faculty Housing Office. (fachouseoffice@vassar.edu), (appointments to view must be made through the resident if listed).

Applicants will be notified on the first business day after the posting period ends, (dates are shown in each individual listing). Responses are due within 3 business days of notification.

The faculty housing rental policy may be viewed in the faculty handbook at: 

https://deanofthefaculty.vassar.edu/docs/VassarFacultyHandbook.pdf (starting on page 53)

Internet and cable TV are not included, all residents must make their own arrangements if they wish to have these services.

Available Apartments
None Currently Posted

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